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Generation questionmark

I am sitting, In university, on my bed trying to think….about anything really. life. the kind of stuff that makes your head feel like a thick milkshake or a miley cyrus video. the subject is provocative but I have no idea what any of it means.

I’m a ‘94 baby. a child of the 90’s. (best in my opinion). We were the ones that were young enough to enjoy playing outside and climbing trees between episodes of courage the cowardly dogg and cow and chicken. And we hit puberty just in time for things like the internet and non-brick-like cellphones. remember the polyphonic ringtones? 

but the problem is, growing up in a world that changes its mind as much as we do, the possibilities to do something, anything are endless…crap. when my parents were young there were limits, you went to the army or you did law and you found a desk job that you did for the rest of your days, with a nice health plan, you got insurance, got married, popped out some kids, bobs your uncle, fanny’s your aunt and there’s your life in what seems like an overweight tweet. 

So the prospect of being me, the generation X, that everyone is so quick to judge and criticize is scary and kind of cool as well. I don’t want to only be one thing, the idea of having a mundane desk job sounds rather painful. I want to make a different, make waves, I want to explore the world and turn it on it’s head. 

Problem is, everything that we do is always compared to what our parents did. justin bieber was discovered on youtube, psy was a global phenominon but what is that compared to the civil rights movement? (I am totally not comparing the two, nor am I undermining the historical importance of the CRM) I am merely saying that, until the old people stop seeing our contributions as superficial, nothing we do will mean anything. 

They were part of a different time, where every other generation had this big historical event. its nearly 2013 and it feels like theres never a dull moment. 

Ive decided not to care what they think. The thing is, I lvoe the idea that in this day and age there is a movement, this movement is constantly evolving at an astronomical rate. and we finally get to be a part of something brilliant. all of us. What are we fighting for? The chance to be heard, for what we do and the steps we take to be seen as relevent and just as brilliant as what was in the past. We’re fighting for ourselves.

Join the Movement.